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Ecoconsult offers a full range of services for government affairs, political strategy and environmental advocacy. Specialties include:

  • California, state and federal legislative tracking

  • California, state and federal administrative agency rulemaking tracking

  • Analysis of legislative and regulatory actions

  • Consultation with and support for clients’ in-house advocacy staff

  • Full representation before the California Legislature and Executive Branch

  • Representation before select California regulatory agencies

  • Consultation on legislation and regulation in natural resources, environmental health, sustainable agriculture, green building and other green sector interests

  • Facilitation and issue resolution in firm’s field of expertise

  • Strategy and teambuilding support for new legislative and public outreach campaigns

  • Establishment and management of non-profit organizations and lobbying coalitions


Justin Malan
Justin Malan
Genevieve Abedon

Principal and Founder

With degrees in Environmental Studies and Law and Administration, Justin has formal training in the core disciplines impacting the legislative services needed by clients. He has 30 years of experience in numerous fields of resource management, public and environmental health, environmental advocacy, renewable and clean energy development and sustainable development in state, local and private sectors.


Justin serves as Executive Director to the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) and California Association of Environmental Health Administrators (CAEHA).  Past positions held include: Executive Director, California Ocean Science; Executive Director, California Aquaculture Association; Founder and Executive Director, Marine Sanctuary and Estuarine Reserves Foundation; Founder and Executive Director, World Sturgeon Farmers Association.


Justin possesses an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of California’s environmental statutes and regulations, particularly the Public Resources Code, Health and Safety Code, Fish and Game Code and Government Code. Has sponsored, written and guided the passage of over 50 bills in these areas.


Policy Advocate

Genevieve has been with Ecoconsult since January 2017. Before joining, she worked on both statewide and local plastic pollution policy and campaigning for Californians Against Waste. In the past she has worked as a Landfill Reduction Technician at various events and sailed across the North Atlantic Ocean studying microplastic pollution with The 5 Gyres Institute. At Ecoconsult,  she works with the Clean Seas Lobbying Coalition, a coalition of eleven non-profit organizations dedicated to source reduction solutions to the plastic pollution crisis.

She received her B. S. in Animal Science from the University of Vermont and completed one year of Veterinary School at the University of California, Davis before deciding to change course to environmental work. She loves animals, nature, music, nourishing food, traveling, friends, family, and community.


Sierra Nevada mountains
Government Affairs
Political Strategy
Environmental Advocacy
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