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2017-18 Session Success

Sponsored and Supported Legislation

In the 2017-18 Legislative Session, Ecoconsult ensured the passage and enactment of four bills sponsored by our clients:

AB 2178 (Limón) Streamlining Charitable Operations and Reducing Food Waste:  This new law makes it easier for charities to provide safe food to needy people and reduces food waste.  It allows charities without commercial kitchens, such as churches, food pantries, and community organizations, to re-serve certain prepared foods to the hungry.  The new law allows for an exemption from stringent and unnecessary permits, while still requiring that served food meets important safety standards. Ecoconsult represented bill sponsor California Association of Environmental Health Administrators (CAEHA) and secured strong bipartisan support for this critical, compassionate measure.

AB 2524 (Wood) Expanding Local Business and Consumer Service Options:  This measure, sponsored by CAEHA, allows certain local businesses such as wineries, breweries, and other commercial establishments to offer catered food to customers.  The new law exemplifies how government can work hand in hand with businesses to improve local economies while maintaining strong food safety standards.  Ecoconsult ensured that this pro-small business, pro-consumer measure earned strong bipartisan support during its passage and enactment.

AB 3138 (Muratsuchi) Holding Refineries Accountable for Toxic Waste Accidents:  This controversial measure is designed to reduce accidents and releases of highly toxic or flammable chemicals from refineries and other facilities.  The new law restructures and increases penalties for accidents in order to protect workers and the public from these dangerous chemicals.  Ecoconsult represented CAEHA, sponsor of the bill.

AB 2902 (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials) Protecting Groundwater from Toxic Chemicals:  This bipartisan-supported measure, sponsored by CAEHA, made a variety of changes to the law to protect groundwater from chemical storage tank failures.

Ecoconsult also contributed to the success of several measures that were strongly supported by a coalition of our clients, including:

SB 212 (Jackson) Reducing Sharps and Medical Waste: This new law will reduce the amount of dangerous needles that are improperly thrown into the trash, helping secure the safety of waste workers and the public.  The measure requires the manufacturer of sharps and some medications to establish, fund, and promote a statewide take-back system for their products.  Ecoconsult provided key support to ensure that this controversial measure made it to the Governor's desk and was signed into law.

Previous Legislative Sessions

Key Accomplishments

In the 2013-2014 legislative session, Ecoconsult shepherded sixteen bills to the Governor’s desk and secured signatures on every one of those bills.

In the 2011-2012 session, Ecoconsult sponsored thirteen bills and of the nine bills that were sent to the Governor, every one was signed into law.

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